Sex Out Loud LIVE

Sex Out Loud LIVE at The Pleasure Chest

July 19, 2017, 8:00 pm

ASK THE SEX THERAPISTS! Come be a part of the studio audience for this live recording of Sex Out Loud with host Tristan Taormino and special guests Dr. Chris Donaghue, Kate Loree, Dr. Hernando Chaves, and Jamila Dawson. Ask all your burning sex questions and get answers from a diverse group of therapists who specialize in sex-positive, GLBT, BDSM, kink, polyamory, and POC communities. There will be prizes for lucky audience members!

Location: The Pleasure Chest, 7733 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046.

Admission: Free and open to all. Seating on a first come, first serve basis.


Redefining Sex in the 21st Century:
A Rousing Event w/ Sexuality Superstars

Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM

UCLA, Northwest Campus Auditorium
200 De Neve Drive
Los Angeles, CA

To purchase your tickets, CLICK HERE!

I will be speaking with the iconic and fabulous Janet Hardy, co-author of "The Ethical Slut" along with sex positive superstars, Chris Donaghue, Hernando Chaves, David Ley Phd, Elle Chase, Gabriella Cordova, and Quiddity N. Foster in this powerhouse event.

Pioneer, Janet Hardy

“The sex-positive movement is redefining sexuality by bringing into question everything we’ve been told to believe for the last 1000 years. Starting with the myths of fixed gender and orientation, moving through relationship conformity, and finally looking at what is “normal,” what is “healthy,” and what is “good for you.” Does one size fit all? Does sexy fit into a tiny box? Our guest presenters and panelists don’t think so!”


Poly Talk and Wry Relationships

Mid-August (TBA)

The Hustler Store
8920 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA

Wry hosts his popular panel that goes beyond polyamory. Non-monogamy is inclusive of open relationships, casual sex, non-exclusive dating, threesomes, moresomes, swingers, and various non-sexual arrangements, such as BDSM play-partners, make out buddies, and anything outside the realms of tradition hetero-normative marriage. I will discuss methods to set yourself up for success while navigating ethical non-monogamy along with how to navigate emotional roadblocks.


Social Media Best Practices for Sex Positive Educators

September 12, 2015

Catalyst Con 2015
Marriot Burbank Airport Hotel and Convention Center
2500 North Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA

This presentation will focus on most effectively building a powerful media presence as a sex positive educator. Offering three different prospectives, Hudsy Hawn, Pro Domme, Kate Loree, sex positive psychotherapist, and Steve Aleck, sex positive film director/producer will guide the viewer, with first hand accounts, through an action plan to create a powerhouse media presence. Buzzfeed short videos, “Ask a Polyamorous Person” featuring Steve Aleck and Kate Loree with over 2.6 million hits and “The Try Guys ‘Fifty Shades’ Style BDSM” featuring Hudsy Hawn with over 2.2 million hits will be shown.  Hudsy Hawn will cover how she markets not only herself, but also, other sex educators, as the Head Mistress in charge of education and special event bookings at Stockroom University. Kate Loree will share her media marketing plan including Fetlife Ads, Google Adwords, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom’s (NCSF KAP directory), Twitter, Facebook, etc. that have lead to her having a waiting list for her private practice. Steven Aleck, a video producer at BetterThanFamous and formerly at Buzzfeed will share his experience regarding what does and doesn’t do well on social media. He will also explain which social media venue is right for you and how to accurately measure your presence through the metrics provided by each site. These three lenses will be integrated into a clear strategy for the novice or seasoned sex educator who wants to reach the general public in an approachable and relatable light.