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Kate Loree, LMFT
Kate Loree, Sex TherapistAnd the day came when the risk
It took to remain tight inside
The bud was more painful than
The risk it took to blossom.
Anais Nin
My husband and I worked with Kate through the darkest part of our marriage, and she helped us get back on track. I’m happy to report that we have never had a better, more fulfilling, transparent, loving relationship than we do today.I just wanna say that Kate is the real deal and helped us save our marriage and make it better while dealing with some trust violations. She is a complete and total professional who really knows her stuff and walks the talk.When I came to therapy to work on issues of abuse & bullying in my childhood, I thought I’d never feel better. But with EMDR & Kate’s help, I finally feel like I’m getting my life back.

Psychotherapist: Trauma Therapist, Sex Therapist, Non-monogamy Therapist, Polyamory Therapist, and Kink Therapist

Hello and welcome. I’m Kate Loree, LMFT (License #: MFC 50118). As a sex positive, trauma, and relationship therapist of twenty years who specializes in non-monogamous, kinky, LGBTQ, and sex worker communities, I can assure you that you have entered a judgement free zone.

Please know that I have walked the walk. Personally, I identify as kinky, non-monogamous and pansexual. Many of my dear friends are sex workers or in the LGBTQ community. This personal background coupled with my professional knowledge gives me a unique ability to provide effective help for the communities that I serve.

My work could be categorized as either individual or relational. Individuals come seeking help with anxiety, depression, and/or trauma that is adversely impacting their life. They need a therapist that won’t pathologize their lifestyle, whether they are non-monogamous, kinky, a sex worker, or part of the LGBTQ community, during their healing process.

Couples and sometimes triads may seek therapy to work on issues within the relationship, such as:

  • Improving communication, sexual connection, and overall attunement,
  • Opening up the relationship or considering non-monogamy,
  • Working on resolving trauma that is blocking intimacy within the relationship,
  • Creating better boundaries and relationship agreements within their monogamous, non-monogamous or kinky relationship, or
  • Resolving uncomfortable feelings that may occur between a sex worker and their partner.

If any of this resonates for you, please continue on to my about and specialties sections for more detail on what I offer. I have a fervent dedication to healing trauma, reducing sexual shame, being sex positive, and building conscious, compassionate loving relationships. Often clients chose to stay even when they are no longer hurting. If this, one day, is you, our work will shift from healing pain to working on your human potential and optimizing your existence so that you can live your best life. Often this work is concurrent.

Belief: “Pleasure and connection are integral to our healing. Imagine a world free of sexual shame and pain. As we reclaim our connection to our bodies, love, and nature, we heal, reconnect to the whole, and begin to open deeply.”

Commitment: “I will continue to integrate support for BIPOC, LGBTQIA, kink, non-monogamous, BDSM, and sex workers’ causes into my life’s work while concurrently recognizing intersectionality. I believe we all deserve a safe world to fully express our authentic truth.”

Mission: My mission is to work towards a more conscious, compassionate world. I’m committed to shifting our culture’s zeitgeist from seeing sex as shameful, wrong and needing forceful suppression to seeing sex as healthy, beautiful and worthy of open celebration.

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